“Two of my passions in life are food and agriculture,” says Walter Nicolau III, a Stanislaus County agricultural entrepreneur who’s cooking up a tasty recipe for success.

“We turn grass into milk into cheese into happiness,” says the artisanal cheese maker who produces a tasty variety of specialty goat and blended milk cheeses at his family farm just south of Modesto.  “We make about a dozen cheeses.  Different processes.  Different ages.  Different molds.  During our peak season, we produce around 4,000 pounds of cheese per month.” (Printed in Stanislaus Magazine here)

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Family Owned

California Made

Goat & Mixed Milk Cheese

Handcrafted on Our Farm

100% Fresh California Milk

Small Batch-Vat Pasteurized


NO  Imported-Frozen Curd

NO Antibiotics / Hormones

NO Additives / Preservatives

Farmstead cheese making is a delicate and sometimes challenging balance of science and art.  Having a passion and love for what you do, will definitely be reflected in the end product.

You first must begin with the highest quality milk, which we are definitely very proud of at Nicolau Farms.  Our milk is never altered or standardized, but vat pasteurized in small 50 gallon batches only being mildly heated to a 145°F.  This older method of pasteurization suffices the legality of the process, yet does not impart a cooked flavor on the milk, and more importantly does not destroy the beneficial components for cheese making.

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