Nicolau Farms is a hidden oasis nestled down a long dirt road about 5 miles south of the town of Modesto in the heart of the lush California, San Joaquin Valley.  As one of the last remaining goat farmsteads in California, Nicolau Farms is proud to milk their herd of Alpine, Saanen, and La Mancha dairy goats; which produce some of the finest “white gold” (goat milk) in the world.

It begins by us raising all of our own forage on our 30 acre farm.  The goats consume abundant amounts of lush Teff grass hay which is made all summer long.  In the winter we grow rye grass, and triticale which provides them with a wholesome grain hay.  Their diet is topped off with the hulls of our annual almond crop also grown on Nicolau Farms.  All of the hay is made into huge round bales weighing over 750 pounds.  Lastly while being milked the herd enjoys a specially formulated blend of grains and molasses to balance their diet and relax them in the milking parlor.  These combined are the key ingredients to Nicolau Farms producing some of the highest quality goat milk on the land.