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Nicolau Farms started with just a single milk goat back in the late 1990’s. Our herd is made up of a couple different dairy breeds which you can learn about on this page, but is mainly Alpines. We are proud to have extremely happy and healthy goats on Nicolau Farms in pride ourselves in goat comfort and happiness to ensure the healthiest, and happiest animals, and of course the highest quality milk.

Alpines are a medium to larger breed, are multi-colored with straight ears. They are a good milk producer and therefore, popular with dairies. Originating from the Swiss and French breeds of goats, they are adaptable to any climate and will give 3 or more litres of milk a day over a 10 month lactation.

Saanen goats are pure white and also popular with dairies due to their large udder capacity. Also a Swiss breed, they hold the world record for milk production – approximately 10 litres per day over a 10 month period.

La Mancha goats are distinctive due to their very small ears which give the appearance that they have no ears at all. A smaller goat, they can be any color. Descendants of Spanish origin, they are very strong and hardy.

Nubians, on the other hand, are distinguished by their very long, floppy ears. They are one of the larger breeds, and their mild is higher in protein and butter fat than other breeds providing an excellent milk for cheese Originally from England, these goats were raised for both meat and milk. They are very popular in North America because they are more heat tolerant and will have multiple births of 3 and 4 kids.

The goat was one of the first domesticated animals in Western Asia believed to be a descendant of the wild goats originating in the Asia Minor and Persia areas. Worldwide, more countries consume more goat milk than dairy cattle, although the United States consumes products from dairy cattle.

In comparison to cattle, goats are smaller, and can survive where feed is limited and in areas where cattle cannot.

Goat cheese also has an advantage over cheese from dairy cattle. One, goat cheese is lower in cholesterol and higher in proteins. Two, the smaller globules of fat in goat cheese makes it more digestible, particularly for those who tend to be lactose intolerant. And goat cheese is delicious.

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